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"You are wrong about where these come from… bed."

5 Iconic Symbols You Associate With the Wrong Country

#5. Chinese Fortune Cookies Aren’t Chinese

The story goes that back before World War II Japanese immigrants to America did a good trade bringing cheap, delicious rice-based cuisine to their Western neighbors, and with it, they introduced the bland, gimmicky treat that was mostly associated with religious shrines in Japan. Prewar Americans took to the fortune cookie like modern-day Americans have taken to anime, and an institution was born.

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35 Quotes For Introverts | Thought Catalog

So very VERY true. So strange but lately it feels like these people have been in my head… 
Would very much like to throw, hurl, or shove most of these quotes down pretty much almost every person I’ve come into contact with (and that’s ALMOST, not all)
People need to learn to be more accepting and understanding of things they don’t understand and less critical and judgmental of it (or at least try)


Local Puppy Backed Into Corner

Timbit isn’t known for making tough decisions, but the area puppy was forced to decide between asparagus and bacon late Sunday evening.

“The kitchen staff really backed him into a corner,” says Harry Sterling, an eye-witness. “No, literally, they got in his face with a stalk of asparagus and a plate of bacon and forced him to decide what he wanted for dinner. He chose the bacon — I’m not sure why he was so hesitant. I mean, come on. It’s bacon.”

Via kovens.


It’s Tumblr Tuesday! Enjoy these fresh Tumblr blogs.

Sonya Yu Photography
Professional photographer from San Francisco. (Above: Trotter the French Bulldog)

Graeme Borland: Sketch Of The Day
A 3D artist and game developer presents one speed paint, sketch, or idea every day.

Urban Garden Allotment
The story of a community garden just outside London. Keep calm, dig strong, and grow on.

An animator born and raised in Hong Kong, currently studying animation at the Royal College of Art.

Sad Desk Lunch
62% of American office workers usually eat their lunch in the same spot they work all day. These are their stories.

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